Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Eve and Metal

On Friday the 3oth, I went to my first metal show. Dundee Strangler played at the Hideout, 320 72nd St., with four other bands. The show was small along with the crowd. Most of the songs were short, fast and seemed to have the same flow. It was hard to understand. Looking back I can honestly say that I never made out one lyric from the songs.

The bass and the guitar playing was understandable and when the two were mixed a good rhythm was made. I've never liked metal, but Mike, the bass player for Dundee Strangler, is one of my friends, so I thought I'd go see him play.
It was an off night for a crowd since Halloween parties around the bar scene were in action around town. I don't know how big the metal scene is in Omaha, but I'm sure it's bigger than what I saw on Friday. I didn't stay for any of the other bands. I wanted to get out before they started. That might be my last metal show. I can see why some might like it, but it's not for me.

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