Monday, October 5, 2009

Brother Ali at the Waiting Room

On Saturday, September 26th I saw Brother Ali and his touring partners, Evidence and Toki Wright from Rhymesayers Entertainment. Ali has been performing since 1999 and is promoting his new album, "Us."
I'm not in to underground hip-hop or rap in general, but I thought I'd go see a new genre of music for once.
This was my first time ever seeing these solo artists. I never knew how much fun a hip-hop show could be. Ali used his energy and original flow to set the mood for the crowd.
Evidence showed some skills with a mic as he freestyled a compilation of motivational lyrics before introduicing Brother Ali to the stage.
The three artists flowed together during the end of the show and a fight in the crowd broke out. Ali is a man for peace and didn't appreciate the unexpected rage. Some locals wern't aloud in to see the show because of previous bad behavior.
One kid was banned and wanted to go inside so bad that he would wait until the out-door would open and would go inside until he was spotted by a security guard. The kid just waited in the street for the show to be over. That was entertaining during my smoke breaks.
Overall I liked the message that Brother Ali presented with his music, the human condition is really a sick thing sometimes and his new songs try to express truth.

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